Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Compassionate Neighborhood!

A Compassionate Neighborhood 
starts with all of U, UU's!

This Sunday in CRE, JP and Vickie will be holding down the fort! During the beginning part of the Service the Advent Wreath will be lite by....(you will see by who!) and then everyone will head down to either:

  • Decorate a Big DECEMBER sign for the BIG Calender
    (younger kids and anyone else can help with this)

  • Cut and make fringe on Red and Green Fleece scarfs for the Mitten Tree (Dec 12th) for the people who are homeless who come to the Friday Night Supper Program
    ( Anyone can help with this)
  • Read a story about a neighborhood that changed with a little compassion and vision! ( This is for the older kids)

    are we doing all this... decorating, making scarfs, learning about neighborhoods? Come Sunday to find out!

    What makes your neighborhood cool! and what would make it even better!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stone Soup - Community of Thankfulness!

   Stone Soup is what we've got !
 Sharing our Thankfulness!

This Sunday, November 21 the younger kids will be retelling the Soup Soup Story and creating some yummy vegan soup of their own!

The older kids will be having a conversation about Communities of Thankfulness after staying in the service a bit longer to hear Taan's (Laura's Partner) short talk about Transgender Day of Remembrance.

What makes you feel loved, safe and at Home in Community?

OK, back to the Stone Soup part...

1. Ask yourself, what is my favorite veggie that would be super yummy in soup? Then, ask your family if you can bring that veggie to ASC on Sunday, If so....

2. Get that veggie and please cook it 1/2 way (so that it is not to hard and does not take to long to cook in the soup)

3. Bring the veggie in a sealed container to CRE on Sunday.
4. Also, please bring in a small Stone, yes that is correct! A stone that has been washed with soup and water that will also be added to the soup!
5. Bring your appetite for some yummy soup to eat after the service with your family and friends!

The Place mats that were created last Sunday look super and will be used at the Friday Night Super Program for their big Thanksgiving Feast! Thanks for sharing your heart with this creative service!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weaving Thankfulness & Compassion!

This Sunday, 
ALL the CRE kids will be weaving Thankfulness 
and Compassion

We will be creating paper woven place-mats for the 
Arlington Street Church Friday Night Supper Program which serves people who are homeless and hungry, creating a placemat for our own home for Thanksgiving and a HUGE woven placemat for ASC!

Older youth and their families are invited on Friday, November 19th to come to the FNSP to put the placemats on the table and learn a bit more about the program. 

If you want to attend, Please contact Laura


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#1 Review, #2 Compassion

As we welcome in the month of November, we welcome in our new theme for the month-  
Our 2nd Unitarian Universalist Principle: 
Have Compassion 
for one another!
  • What is it to have compassion for another? 
  • What do you have compassion for? and how does that feel?   

    Come Sunday and Find out!
We will be reviewing October's theme - "Everyone Rocks" to help us move forward into Compassion!

Our time together will be filled with decorating a super large November Calendar for everyone at ASC to enjoy in the Parish Hall and the older kids will be hearing about  
The Golden Buddha and 
designing their own compassionate 
"emergency cards".

Come with open hearts 
& loving minds!

P.S. After the service join in a BIG Dust-a-thon with Queen Cheryl in the Sanctuary!