Thursday, March 26, 2015


Questions to Ponder with your friends and/or family:

From the film Jesus christ super star, 
what do UU think this song is about ?

2. What is Palm Sunday all about anyway? 
What does it have in common with marches, parades, protests... now a days?

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Friday, March 20, 2015


ASC Selma Sunday 2015

Questions to ponder with your friends and/or family:

1.  What does the saying from Dr. Cornel West mean: 
      Justice is what LOVE looks like in Public? 

2.  Why as people of faith is it important to talk, march and      reflect on issues of CIVIL RIGHTS?

              Nina Simone - Revolution Harlem Cultural Festival 1969

3. How are you creating a more just world for your friends, family members and those people and creatures you don't even know? 

Friday, March 13, 2015

No Peace Parade
St. Patrick, Do you know this story?

Questions to Ponder with your friends and/or family: 
1. Why have the Vets for Peace canceled the 
    St. Patrick's PEACE parade in Boston this year?

2. Who do UU think St. Patrick would march with and why?

3. What UU Principle and UU source relates to 
    St. Patrick and the Peace parade issue?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Selma 1965-2015

Honoring Selma 1965-2015 
When You Pray, Move Your Feet. - African Proverb

Questions to Ponder with your friends and/or family:

1. 50 years ago today was "Bloody Sunday" March 7th, 1965, Where were UU? Where were your friends and family? 
(I know some of you might of not even been alive yet)

2. What was the significance of people of faith coming to March together? How was Rev. James Reeb and other UU's involved?
Edmund Pettus Bridge Selma, Alabama
3. You might ask, "well what can I do?" That is a very good question:  

Here are a few things: 
- Don't Sleep! say's MLK
- Create Civil Rights Protest Signs for 2015.