Friday, May 27, 2011

Earth Meditation

Hello Earthlings! 
Join in this Sunday for a WALK over the to 

We'll live out our 7th UU Principle (Caring for the Web of life, we are a part of!) - by really taking in all the EARTHY beauty around us. 

This will happen on a  silent meditation walk 
and then if weather and time permits!! 
A ride on the swan boats!

Friday, May 20, 2011

5.22.11 Mandala Wheels of Centering & Wonder

"The heart is an organ of perception."   Lama Surya Das

This Coming Sunday,
We have a special guest Lama Surya Das that will share a story and chant with us during the service!
We will then head down to CRE for Mandala Wheel creating.

And of course some fun in the HUGE web. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

5.15.11 Web Song Stories

Web Song Stories 
4 our 7th UU Principle!

Question:  What is a Web?

Question: What is a Song?
Question: What is a Story?
Bring your Answers, Ideas, thoughts this coming Sunday!
We will be making our very own Web Song Stories with musical instruments and our voices!

If you have a musical instrument you would like to bring with your to play, please bring it in!!! We want to hear it, for real!!!

Kids 0-6 will be with me (Laura Evonne) and a youth helper
& kids 7-12 will be with JP and a parent helper, and a youth helper!

Joy by jenni horne

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5.8.11 Our 7th UU Principle : Webs of connections

Have you ever wanted to be a SPIDER? We'll This Sunday you can!This coming Sunday morning with Rebecca Froom, our Intern Minister, come weave webs on connections and learn about our 7th UU Principle.

What facts do you know about webs and spiders? 

Bring them to share with the CRE Crew!