Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10.2 Animals and Apples

Animals & Apples in UU Style!
St. Francis

Come this Sunday with your pets as we gather for our Animal Blessing Celebrations!

What UU Principle do you think this 
celebration asks us to think about?

We will also share apples and honey together in Celebration of the sweet Jewish New year and how blessed we are to have animals in our lives!
Print and color!

What is something sweet that animals bring to you?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

9.25 Creating Covenants

Creating Covenants
What is a Covenant anyway?
It's a set of aggreements we decided on together that we will follow.

We are friendly with each other!
We are all special!
We are strong together!

What do you want to add to our covenants?

Bring your open minds 
caring hearts will you to share

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Water, Welcome and Wonder

Water, Welcome & Wonder!

WATER is so much of who we are
where we live and 
what keeps us going.

This Coming Sunday, 
Please bring with you a bit of water 
from near or far lands for our Water Service.

We will be sharing our time together reflecting on water in our lives.

There are many people that don't have clean water to drink,
here is how you can help.

Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - 
they all have differnt names, 
but they all contain water. 
Just as religions do - 
they contain truths.
- Muhammad Ali