Saturday, July 26, 2014

P is for Peace

“Peace can happen in 24 hours....

just like war can happen in 24 hours.” 

                                               ― Sari Nusseibeh  سري نسيبة

Questions to ponder with your family and friends:

1. When you are super angry at someone because they believe something different than you, what does your Unitarian Universalist faith call you to do?

2. If you were in charge of the military and could do anything so that peace surrounded all begins, what would your action plan be?

3. Life is like the ocean, going in and out with rhythm of the universe. Today what would you like to give to the ocean so it is washed away, and what would you like to save in a bottle as a memory?

Sheva - Sallam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) 

| السلام שָׁלוֹם | Israel & Palestine PEACE

Salaam (song)

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Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) (Arabicسلام‎, Hebrew(סלאאם (עוד יבוא שלום עלינו‎ is a popular Israeli folk song by Mosh Ben Ari sung in Hebrew and Arabic.[1] The song, called "Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu" means "Peace Will Come Upon Us". It is an upbeat song and has become a theme tune to almost all youth movements in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora. A large chart hit in Israel several years ago, it has now come to symbolize a call for peace and end to the struggle in the Arab-Israeli conflict.[1]

Text of the bridge[edit]

#English translationTransliterationHebrew
1Again peace will come upon usOd yavo' shalom aleinuעוד יבוא שלום עלינו
2Again peace will come upon usOd yavo' shalom aleinuעוד יבוא שלום עלינו
3Again peace will come upon usOd yavo' shalom aleinuעוד יבוא שלום עלינו
4and on everyone.Ve'al kulam (x2)ועל כולם
5Salaam ('peace' in Arabic)Salaam (Salaam)סלאאם
6Among us and on all the worldAleinu ve'al kol ha olamעלינו ועל כל העולם
7Salaam, SalaamSalaam, Salaam (x2)סלאאם ,סלאאם