Friday, January 30, 2015

"Swimming (or sledding) to the other side"

"We are living 'neath the great big dipper
We are washed by the very same rain
We are swimming in this stream together
Some in power and some in pain
We can worship this ground we walk on
Cherishing the beings that we live beside
Loving spirits will live forever
We're all swimming to the other side"

Questions to Ponder with your friends and/or family:

1. If you were to pick a song that describes as aspect of what UU believe, what would it be, why?

2. How does the 2nd Unitarian Universalist (UU) principle played a part in this past weeks "Storm Juno"? 

3. Why is it more than important; it is a necessity to keep the sidewalks clear after a storm? Which UU Principles does this link up with?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Spices of LIFE!

STOP HUNGER NOW   January 18th, 2015      ASC, UU Boston, MA

Spices of LIFE!

Questions of FAITH Ponder with your friends and/or family:

1. What kind of spices do you like in your food? 
    Where do they come from and how do they make you feel?

2. How do people know what some spices are "Healing"?

3. If you were to make your own "healing spice recipe" 
         (some ideas for Sadness, hurt heart, spiritually depressed, frustrated with to much homework…), 
       what would it be? Send your recipe to:

try this!

Friday, January 16, 2015

"or for love?"

Questions to Ponder with your friends and/or family:
1.  If you look at the whole picture on what went down yesterday in Boston on I-93, a handful of humans standing arms linked rippled around the world. I see this as direct action public art, some look at it and understand, some don't like it, others love it, but hopefully it wakes everyone up a bit.
The question is how has it rippled in your soul?

2. What do UU do to to "Beet the system"? 
How does make a difference? 
Do you think it does?

3. IMAGE <3

Thursday, January 8, 2015



We Believe that each person is WORTHY!

Questions to Ponder with your family and/or friends:

1. Where will your next meal come from? How will you get it?

2. Do you get Hungry? How does that feel and effect your day?

3. What are UU doing about "Food Scarcity" in your community?