Thursday, March 31, 2016

seeing the DIVINE through our senses

William Ellery Channing, American Unitarian Minister in the early 1900's

Questions to Ponder with your friends / family:

1. What does "Seeing the DIVINE" through our senses mean to UU?

2. Why was Channing so important to the Unitarian faith in America?

3. How do UU have your "life preach more loudly than your lips, and what does this really mean? 

Friday, March 11, 2016

I spy....


Questions to PONDER with friends/family:

1. Transformation, Resurrection, Death, Life....
    What does EASTER mean to UU?

2. Do UU know the history of Easter, Eggs and Bunnies?
    Where does this all come from?
    What does it have to do with Jesus? Springtime? and all?

3. What do UU want to be remembered for when you die?            What special message? 
daffodil maze 

Wake Up!

Jesus on Palm Sunday

Questions to Ponder with your friends/family:

1. What people make UU "Wake Up" (more attentive, make you wonder, ponder stuff, give you a boost of energy)? Why?

2. Who do UU think Jesus would Vote for? What important message would he send to politicians today?

3.  If not on a donkey, how to folks share their messages to people in public today? 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

everyday super powers

Superman: Christopher Reeve 

Questions to ponder with your family and friends

1. What is your Superpower

2. Where do UU find "the light" "peace" "god"?

3. How do UU show your superpowers in your everyday life?