Friday, October 25, 2013

BRIGHT Memories

Unitarian Universalist have many different ways for honoring those no longer with us. Many of these rituals come from the vast sources that fill our hearts with mystery, wonder and awe.
BRIGHT Memories

Questions to Ponder with your family and friends: 

In this time of year, with the sunshine and leaves so 
BRIGHT and Golden,  How and Who do you remember 
those no longer with us?

Some remember by placing a stone on a grave, 
some with flowers and sweets to eat. 

Feel free to print out these images (above) or draw your own with the names of those no longer with us. Place them someplace special and or bring them to church on Sunday for the alter. 

What's a memory? ~ Have a listen!

Wilfrid Gordon Mcdonald Partridge by Mem Fox

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