Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Rainbow of Colors

Questions to Ponder with your friends/family:

1. We are a rainbow of colors all connected to one another.
Here's a challenge: Pick a group of friends or family members and dress up in the colors of a rainbow. Then, go something public and take a photo of all of UU.
People will probably ask what UU are doing.
What would UU share? What does a Rainbow of Colors have to do with being UU? 

2. Many UU congregations end the church year with a Flower Communion Ritual.
Here are some stems that you can create your own colorful rainbow of flowers!
created by: Laura Evonne Steinman

3.  Watch and Listen to Judy Garland sing: "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
     Why does she want to go over the rainbow?  Where would UU go?

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