Thursday, February 17, 2011

2.20.11 Creating Change, Choices & Calm hearts

Creating Change by 
making choices with a calm heart!

On Sunday morning at 11am, We will light the chalice together in the Sanctuary.

When we head to CRE we will be discuss issues 
(BIG and small )that are important to fight for with our calm Hearts <3 .
 We will do this by making signs and banners.
The older children will be listening to some scenarios about making choices and talking about what they would do in those situations.

Come, come whoever you are!

From where you are, 
from who you are in 
your everyday life, 
that's where you 
make change.
- Toshi Reagon

(Peace Globe) Warsaw, Poland Anti-War protest 2005

goes to everyone who helped with the 
Standing on the Side of Love Campaign 
Banner and Petitions!!

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