Thursday, February 24, 2011

2.27.11 Voting by sitting down! Rosa Parks

 This Sunday, 2.27.11 is our final Sunday focusing on Our: 
5th Unitarian Universalist Principle -  
Our Right to VOTE on things that concern us.

We will be reading, learning and sharing stories we know about Rosa Parks and how/why she VOTEd and what she did.
Draw or write about why we are talking about:
1. Rosa Parks
2. our 5th UU principle 
3. why are we doing this in the month of February

There will be something special for you if you share this challenge with all of us!
You can also e-mail: before Sunday if you wish as well!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

2.20.11 Creating Change, Choices & Calm hearts

Creating Change by 
making choices with a calm heart!

On Sunday morning at 11am, We will light the chalice together in the Sanctuary.

When we head to CRE we will be discuss issues 
(BIG and small )that are important to fight for with our calm Hearts <3 .
 We will do this by making signs and banners.
The older children will be listening to some scenarios about making choices and talking about what they would do in those situations.

Come, come whoever you are!

From where you are, 
from who you are in 
your everyday life, 
that's where you 
make change.
- Toshi Reagon

(Peace Globe) Warsaw, Poland Anti-War protest 2005

goes to everyone who helped with the 
Standing on the Side of Love Campaign 
Banner and Petitions!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magic dragons, music, choices of oranges and red!

On Feb 13th, in Children's Religious Education (CRE) 
we will be celebrating Our 5th UU Principle :  
Right to Vote on thing that Concern us
We will be doing this in a creative way!

Since it's the Lunar New Year (The Year of the Rabbit),
  •   We will be choosing who will help parade in the sanctuary in the big Dragon Puppet.
  • We will choice who wants to get their face painted as a rabbit and vote on who will do this 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
  • We will be voting on if we should eat mandarin oranges 1st or make paper lanterns 1st... or maybe there is another way we can vote on this... :)
  • Also since its Feb 13th and Valentines Day is the following day on Feb. 14th, we will also be signing a Petition (and learning what that is all about) for the campaign Standing on the Side of Love! And helping to staff the Social Action Table with those Petitions.
  •  The older kids will also be hearing some stories about chooses and talking about what they would do in those situations.
  • We will have a bunch of magical, justice, soul-filled UU  fun!

And if you are looking for even more magic, come see the Lunar New Years Parade in Chinatown right after Church!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb: Our 5th UU Principle: Voting!

During the Month of February,
we will be focusing on our 
5th Unitarian Universalist Principle : 
Our Right to Vote on things that Concern us!

This coming Sunday, we will explore what we feel we have a right to vote on.

What we eat for lunch?
What we wear to school?
Who sits where at the dinner table?
Who is the President?
etc.... and we will hear a bit about famous UU Susan B. Anthony and how she helped with women voting in America!